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i am becoming more stress and depressed...

i am becoming more stress and depressed at the moment. It also affect my job as a nurse i am refusing to go to work because i am always worried and can't concentrate. It started when they started to be friends with one of her classmate who's having problem as well at home. They started to drink liquor at school, stow away, boyfriend and all their reason are dad was being so strict. They're not allowed to watch tv during weekdays, they have to do they're house choirs before they go to school meaning hey have to get up early to do be able to do that. They're not allowed to go out, only when there's occasion or party. they said they cant even go with their friends but when i let them go out they end up not going home will not ring me if where they are. Because I am a 32 year old mother i can understand them a little bit and let them go with their friends. My concern is my partner for 3 years was so strict, think of a very strict person can be that's him. He wants them to be successful in life by training them as what he's family trained him when he was young. My daughter always blamed him for what they're doing right caused of him. I just dont know what to do i am in the middle and so tired of these fighting and arguing. Sorry to email you this long, is it right at this time i tried to be friend but still i can feel the barrier between us.
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