My son speaks to me very disrespectful and cussing all the time...

I have a 17year old son that is totally out of control. I have been trying different techniques with him...My problem is that he has a girlfriend 15 yrs old. Her family has very different standards for raising their daughter. She is on birth control and has been kicked out of the public high school. I have different morals then they do. I do not let my children run the streets and not know where they are. They do not just come and go as they please. I need to know where they are and who they are hanging with. My son did not come home for three nights and he texted me told me he was with a friend. I told him that he was to come home now and he blew me off. I did not know at the time where this girl lived but I found out that they had kept him and did not contact me. They were quite aware that I did not know where my son was staying. They do not think this is a big deal.

My son speaks to me very disrespectful and cussing all the time. They keep telling my son about getting emancipated and that they would gladly take custody of him. This to me is very weird and not normal. I make rules and he keeps breaking them. I have had my son picked up twice for runaway. I had them take him to crisis, which lasted 8 hours because of his age. He continues to push the limits. He constantly tells me he is leaving when he is 18.which is not until April. I have tried simple rules and that has lasted 3 days and it starts all over again. It is difficult to enforce rules because as soon as I leave for work he goes out and does not come home until late nite usually 10-11pm.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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