Are we fighting a battle that can't be won?

My daughter has started smoking and we (her parents) are very much against this. We will do whatever it takes to get her to stop. Today I am having to tell her job that she can no longer work there b/c we have now three different episodes that say she is smoking. She tells me that she is leaving home at 17 (Birthday 04/24/92) and that she hates us. Each day is so stressful. We have tried to get her to help around the house (like she used to) , to do some things with us (like riding ATV's, going to the lake) and she never wants to be around us b/c she can't smoke.

Are we fighting a battle that can't be won? Does your book focus on these types of issues? I am at my wit's end with her. I so much wish she could go back to being the sweet little 12 year old or smaller that used to live in my house. Now sometimes I don't think I know her at all. She twists my words around to where she wants them. Her cell phone is her main focus. We have taken it away as well as the internet and land line. She has no communication with anyone except at school and work. And the work is about to end.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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