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Hanging with a problem group...

Having real trouble with my 17 year old since xmas .he has been hanging with a problem group of kids younger than him and 2 weeks ago took a mobile phone from a boy and punched him so now we have to go to the police for a talk and some consequences.he was never any trouble until this year . I have told him to find more sensible friends and his reply is theres nothing wrong with them and he can choose his friends. These kids are known to the police . we come from a good family he has always been in sport and doing a trial as a plumber . its causing friction with all our family. My sister said to put him out . my husband has conflict with him he is rude to my husband .calls him loser .he is setting a bad example to my 16 year old and I don’t know what to do any more. I’m hoping the police are going to give him a curfew and restriction on places to go but that’s only short term. He is on adhd medication since he was 7 but only a very small dose but is extremely sensitive to artificial colours and since earning his own money he spends it on red bull and other types of drinks and has been drinking. Help

My Out-of-Control Teen

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