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He is a beautiful boy until told to do something he doesn't like...

I am a divorced mum living in Australia with 2 of my 3 boys. My youngest has just come home to live with me again as his father can not handle him or his behaviour. I have lived apart from the boys for the past 3 years and in that time a lot of changes have taken place as you can probably imagine. I am delighted to have my eldest and youngest with me however I am struggling to get some form of discipline back with my youngest.

He is a beautiful boy until told to do something he doesn't like then the conflicts start to the point of his 18 year old brother getting involved and things becoming physical between both the boys
and Zac and myself. I have been told by his school principal that if we don't get a lid on the behaviour he is heading for delinquency. I don't know what to do next he is to big to put over my
knee and sending him to his room won't work anymore.

Tonight I got a 4 am call from his father that he was on his way to the nearest town, 15 kilometres away to pick Zac up as he had left the house while I slept even though I went to bed in the room next door to him just in case he tried something like this.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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