His mother is nowhere to be found and he is P____d off...

My challenge is: my husband and I are the legal guardians of my 14 year old grandson, who will be 15 next Monday the 29th. He is presently in the hall for a 30 day stay. We raised him from age 5 to 13 at which time he went to live with his mother. He had regular every other week visits with her and it took 4 days to undo the damage she caused on those visits. When he was living with her, he was abusive and argumentative with her, teachers, etc. He was expelled from school in Nov. 2007 for an assault on another student. (he threw his urine from a water bottle on another boy). He got into a lot of legal trouble and spent a lot of time with no supervision from his mother and ran free. He went to the hall 2 times for short stays and in April 2007 was there for 30 days. His P.O. and social services called us and begged us to take him back as they felt it was the best place for him. Soooo we did, and became his legal guardians again. The first 3 days we had a very grateful kid. Ever since then it has been WW3.

We have two weeks to make a decision weather to accept him back in our home. The judge made him a ward of the court on Sept. 9. and has made the statement the last 3 court visits that he does not want to give up on him. I am learning a lot from the first lessons in your program. I really like the fact that you are a probation officer.

His mother is nowhere to be found and he is P____d off that his mother never visited him in the hall before we got him.

He also tested dirty last Friday.

My Out-of-Control Grandson

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