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I am struggling with my 15 year old daughter...

I am struggling with my 15 year old daughter. I had very little trouble until the last year. She has 2 friends(1 is her cousin) that she has had for years. B. the other friend has been involved in several things that alarm me. She was sneaking out her window at 13 to meet a boy that she now says raped her. Her next boy friend at 14,was a boy from another town that her parents would drive her back and forth to meet. This ended in an altercation with the boy and B. slashed her arm and ended up in the psych unit. They discovered at that time that she is a cutter. She has been taking anti-depressants for a few years. This mother has made her home a haven to all these kids. The boy friend had a restraining order, but she was allowed to go back to him. All of this at 14! She now is dating an 18 year old boy who has graduated. My neice and she have been caught smoking, smoking pot , drinking, shop lifting and sexually active. My daughter is obsessed with being their friend and going to!

this girl's home. We have had 2 parent meetings. My brother is finally on board, but his wife and the other mother continue to enable the behavior.

This mother wants our daughters their to emotionally support her daughter. My home is a battlefield and my teen obviously doesn't see the harm in all this behavior. I have been painted as the bad guy and both mothers support this thinking.I hear on a daily basis how much "everyone" hates me. I do not think my daughter has completely crossed the line,but has probably dabbled in some of this. This is because I have said no to most of the freedoms the others have. You can imagine how much she resents me.

I am a single mother with little if any support from their father. I have an out of control 18 year old and a pretty well adjusted 13 year old. I truly believe my daughter is not like these other girls, but because she is shy, she believes these are her only friends.

I have told her she may not go to B.'s house and if she wants to be her friend(which I do not want)they must come here.She said no one will come here because they all hate me. I truly have never said an unkind thing to them. But I do say NO!

I feel as if I am loosing her.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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