It's killing me every day!

I have a 16 year old. I also have a 15 year old. My 16 year old left home and went to live with his father. He got suspended from school yesterday. He has much more freedom there, unsupervised. His myspace says that he's feeling "high" today but he has blocked me out. He has been caught hacking. I had him home the first week of school and made it a routine to do homework after school, before and after dinner. I bought him all of his clothing and school supplies. I take him driving with his permit. I bought him and insured it, a 2003 Haundai and was giving it to him for Christmas. He didn't want to work so I made him volunteer at the county library. He gets good grades and has an hight IQ. He has a processing disorder and a speech impediment. I give him everything and I am an excessive over indulger. He stated he got angry with me because I yelled at him after asking him several times to try on his $500 worth of school clothing from the local sports store. He packed his stuff and attempted to "hitchhike" to his father who lives 30 miles away. I finally went and picked him up and drove him to his father's for safety reasons. He came on once for his library job in the 2nd week he's been gone and afterwards asked to speak with me alone, so we went into my bedroom and he accused me of "stealing a bottle of wine, from his father's house", breaking and entering. After that he chose that he will live with his dad. It's killing me every day! I run a 4 story high income assisted living facility and I'm started to have problems there also. We started therapy last week and have another appointment on the 30th. His father is demanding that he goes.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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