My husband and my son fight all the time...

Hi, my name is Donna and I have an 18 year old living here at home a senior and he's out of control. He has a good heart but he has so much anger built up that my husband and I just don't know what else to do. It's like he expects us to do everything for him, like we owe him. He gets mad if he doesn't get his way, etc. He got a warning yesterday by a police officer (luckily we know this officer). He was warned about speeding (75 - 80mph). My son has told me that he just don't care anymore. I explained to him that it wasn't just himself he should worry about that he could of killed someone else or maybe his sister and her two children were on the road and he hit them. I asked him if he could live with that the rest of his life. He said it was a mistake and he wouldn't do it again. I told him it only takes one mistake to screw up his whole life. My husband and my son fight all the time. Which isn't good. My husband doesn't know how to talk to him without yelling and calling him names. I doubt there is any hope or help for him and for this I am truly sorry. I've asked him about going to counseling but he refuses. I have anxiety attacks frequently and have to take xanaxs. I don't know if this or my work or maybe both are causing this but it has to stop.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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