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School Refusal

hi my name is teresa, iam a single mum living in the united kingdom england. i have a 13yr old son who will not go to school. i have tried home educating but that did not work. my son finds learning very boring he has no motivation to get up in the mornings . his attendance is 48% which is very poor . he is a bright child he has not fell behind with any of his work considering the amount of time off he has had. education welfare are considering taking me to court for failing as a parent to get my son to school. i do not know what to do as i have tried rewarding for going to school and depriving him when he does not go to school. i feel i can not physcially get him out of bed i do not know what to do. at first when he wouldnt go to school i thought it might be bullying no bullying then i thought depression but after 1 hour of being out of bed he was as happy as larry , very talkative as soon as i mention school arugments and threats from my son.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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