Too little - too late?

My oldest son just turned 18 last week. He has yet to get a job and he pretty much quit school as of early this year. (We homeschool by the way).

Yes I've waited too long to deal with this. But now that he is 18 I'm sure he will come back with the idea that he is an adult now so what can we do to get him to do anything. I figure that now he is 18, then I have the legal right to kick him out of the house (the extreme) if he doesn't follow the rules of the house. And if he says, "Have fun trying", then I can probably have him legally removed, right?

I know the above sounds bad, but I have to have him make decisions for his future. Is he going to college or not? If not then he definitely needs to get a job. And he needs to get his GED in either case. For his birthday this year all he wanted was a round trip to Milwaukee to see his girlfriend. The girl's parents were in agreement to this. I was hesitant but he has a good attitude toward the opposite sex and treats them very well. We told him that when he got back he will need to get a job and his GED and his driver's license. He said OK.

He just got back Thursday so I'm planning to talk to him about all of this this weekend.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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