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ADHD, ODD and Conduct Disorder

Hi my name is Elizabeth I am a single mother of 2 children my son Jayden has ADHD, ODD and recently after having to leave my home because of safety issues has been diagnosed with Conduct disorder so I am doing research on the illness to better understand...

He was diagnosed at 3 with ADHD and put on Ridilian I did like what it was doing to him so I worked with my doctor and he started Concerta it seems to be better,Jayden stared having problems in school and daycare I had to pull him out of JK for the year because he kept getting suspended.

I was so used of Jaydens behaviour I was suprised when people stopped asking me to do things friends didnt want to hang out I had a' bad kid 'and amazing enough my daughter Jain is completely humble she is quiet,and gentle and kind Jayden is kind to and I love him more than life but I just dont understand what I can do.

I got a call today when I got to work Kevin is the intensive care worker from Family and children services who is helping me, said Jayden is so out of control we have to think about a treatment center and he will live there.

I live in a remote location in North western ontario so we are no sure where he will be going, The hardest thing I have ever done in my life was calling Family and children services and saying you have to take my son Iam scared he is going to hurt me and my daughter and he is so young he is only 6 years old. I thought the hard part was over and its only just begun I am scared.

My Out-of-Control Child

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