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Bipolar Son

I was on the webite, as our 21 yr. old son was diagnosed with Bi-polar 3 months ago after a jetski accident, when that sent him into a huge manic episode. It was all extremely devastating and occured about 4 days after the accident, which actually landed him in the hospital for 7 days for severe manic episode. He did hit his head pretty hard in the accident and we thought it was a frontal head injury. I'm actually still not convinced that isn't the case.

This is very new to us, but now in hindsight we do see where he probably was bi-polar and just didn't know it. He does exhibit almost all of the characteristics you describe on your webpage. He is no longer in college, was playing college football and threw it all away fro marijuana use and is now living at home. My husband and I are so afraid that since he is not taking his medication, but seems to be doing pretty well, until you make him mad, that he will end up in jail or worse yet, dead, from his behavior.This has been so hard, not only watching your son make such destructive choices, but also not sure of our role and just how much longer we should enable him, as he is still making bad chioces.

My Out-of-Control Bipolar Teen

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