He seems hung up in life...

I don’t know if my son has a behavioural problem that may develop into a serious issue or ‘just a phase’

Lewis is 13 and was very quiet, but awkward from the age of 7.

His attention span was, and still is, nil and he gave up football even though he was good, because the coach was an arsehole, (So he said!)

I was involved in the junior footy club, (but not as a coach) and used to go to all his games. Lewis had a problem with discipline (NB his peers and coaches, could not suggest a better way without Lewis just giving backchat and then sulking

He has no friends (Except at school, NB he has never ‘played out’ or had friends around) and stays at home on the PC and watching TV.

He is very bright and gets A’s mostly at school.

After his 13th Birthday, he showed signs of ‘coming out of his shell’ and has been good company when he is in ‘the mood!’ NB occasionally he is really grown up and is a nice guy, but most of the time he isn’t.

I have just taken him away on a ‘boys’ weekend with guys of various ages, and he really embarrassed me, as he was cheeky to me and the others, was disrespectful, big headed and did not seem to feel self-conscious of this himself, even though the others where hinting to him what they thought, both seriously and in a joking manor.

When I ask him not to act like this, he just doesn’t get it.

The type of things he says are, commenting on people in terms of there appearance (Fat, Bold, scruffy, ugly, spotty, you name it!) – (Engaging mouth before brain, in general!) – For example I was showing a photograph of a party of friends, one of whom was with us, and Lewis says, who’s that Fat bitch next to you Harry? – and its Harry’s Mum!)

I cannot stop seem to stop him being ‘big headed’ and obnoxious.

What I worry about is that he will have no friends and alienate everyone, and end up being sad and lonely.

His Mum and I are separated, and we have new relationships, we broke up 3 years ago. As far as I am aware this was an amicable matter and Lewis and his Sister (Amy, 19) was not over affected by the break up. Amy looked after Lewis like a Mum and he treats her with contempt.

He seems hung up in life, but this hasn’t only happened lately. (NB in the teen years, its just got worse in the last couple of years)

I always tried to work out what his ‘hot button’ was in life (NB football, cars, bikes etc etc) but nothing ever seemed to interest him, so we didn’t have that Father / son relationship that, the perfect family seem to have!

My Out-of-Control Teen

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