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I am desperate...

My 13 year old daughter has always been highly strung and difficult. We lost our 18 year old cousin last November to suicide, and we are devestated. Jess (daughter) tried to take an overdose 10 days later, and still talks about it. She has been assessed by a psychiatrist, last year, and had councelling........didn't work. She has been referred again to him next Thursday, and is booked in with a private bereavement counsellor for Friday.

She is experimenting with boys, I believe. I don't think she has had sex, but is close. Her attitude is that she knows everything about life, boys everything!!! I don't let her have a social life as when I do, she lets me down, and does something wrong.....she is on self-destruct mode...and hanging out in the wrong crowd.

I am desperate.......single Mom, with a partner, and a 3 year old boy, (thank God!) Her school work is falling too.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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