I am really at a loss...

My daughter stayed out late on Monday evening and did not get off at her bus stop after school and then when she did come home Monday night she was sick. So to make a long story short she stayed home from school on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. I asked her ?'s all 3 days, made it a point to tell her that I loved her every night and then we actually did dinner at the table on Thursday night. She even made the comment that it was the best dinner and everything. On Friday I made her go to school and she did not want to but I did get her to go finally. Friday also happened to be the day that report cards came home but, needless to say she did not get off the bus at our street on Friday afternoon. She went to her boyfriend's house & then proceeded to tell his parents that she was staying the night at a girlfriend's house on Friday but stayed at his house with out their knowledge. She then stayed gone all day Saturday & Saturday night & again on Sunday. She never called or came home all weekend and then she was found last night at about 9pm by myself, her girlfriend's dad (the girlfriend was w/ my daughter) & the boyfriend's mom (boyfriend was w/ the 2 girls as well). We found them in another friend's house and the friend and her parents have been out of town for quite some time & they decided to go into this house thru a window. I don't know if this other girl's dad would not have been there if I could have ever got them out of there considering they are all bigger and more violent than I could ever be.

So any way we came home and set down and proceeded to talk about things and I did keep my cool and never raised my voice. She answered every ? w/ whatever, yes, no or I was fine and I didn't ask you to worry about me all weekend or drive around looking for me. I did make her turn over her cell phone to me and I also took her to school this morning & dropped her off. I told her that either her grandmother or myself would be there at 2:30 to pick her up and she said whatever, I won't be here & I am fully capable of riding the bus home. I said if you ride the bus are you going to get off at your stop & come home & her response was yeah, sure.

She also stated last night that the reason she did not come home on Friday was that she was tired of being grounded or that no other 10th graders had to be home at 8pm on the weekends and she was tired of me & her grandmother smothering her. So I am really at a loss. Do I step back today when she comes home & try to reach a happy medium w/ her and give her another chance to wipe the slate clean or what should I do???

Also, I don't know if I told you but I am a single mother & my mother (her grandmother) lives 2 houses away from me & my daughter has jumped between staying at the 2 houses for about 3 1/2 years now. She is ADHD & has been on medicine for quite a few years but for the last year she has been on Adderall XR & complains that it makes her sick so instead of her taking the required dose of (2) 25mg capsules in the am sometimes she only takes 1, sometimes 2 & none on the weekends. She just started taking a new drug as of this morning called Vyvanse & it is a (1) 50mg capsule.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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