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I have always used the term ‘defiant’ to describe her bad behaviour...

My daughter has not been diagnosed by any body but I have always used the term ‘defiant’ to describe her bad behaviour. I also believe she is extremely strong willed. I notice your book cover says for 3-15 year olds though. Can this also work for her? She is extremely bright and I think ‘been here before’ maybe. She just started pre-school 3 days a week, a few weeks ago and the teachers all say she is so sweet and a model child! This leaves me feeling like I am failing at what ever I am doing when she plays up at home.

Sleeping is a big problem…..getting her to sleep is a battle nearly every night (unless she is completely exhausted and I mean zonked), she will play up and play up….hitting, scratching, pinching me… even if she cries….she then quickly turns and laughs and always smiles, ha-ha! at me. I cannot believe I have this gorgeous girl mostly with sweet behaviour and then she turns! When she does go to sleep… eventually, she comes into my bed at all hours and we then play the up and down, in and out beds all night or I give in and let her sleep with me. Only problem is I have another child, a 4and ½ yr old daughter who does not display any of her sisters lashing out moods, but also has sleep issues and comes in my bed hence I am very sleep deprived.

I am concerned that I lose my patience (after 2 or 3 hours usually) nonetheless I am worn out and feel terrible that I have smacked her. I have threatened her with going outside to sleep with the chickens (which I have put her outside the door at night for a while) and she may cry for a bit and then once in side just starts acting up/playing up again…like she is laughing at me.

It is almost as if she has taken something or eaten something and turned into another person. I wish I knew why her behaviour changes.

My Out-of-Control Child

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