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My name is Jacqueline Massengale, and I have a 29 yr. old son. Where do I begin? Ok, here's my problem. His name is Hans' and he is going to school and he has his C.D.L.'s. Hans' lives with me & my husband, and we have 2 teenage girls. When we fuss at the girls he interfers. Especially, the youngest one. I ask Renea to do something and Hans' does it for her. Renea is 13 in a half. She will be 14 in December. Lynn is 15 yrs. old. Lynn does everything I ask her to do + more. Renea hardly does anything in the house. For instance, I told Renea, she was going to clean the bathroom, "Why do I have to do it?" She also likes to listen to Hans' cell phone, but it's rap music. We do not allow rap music in our home. We are Christians and don't approve of it , unless it's christian rap. When things need to be done in the house Renea will disappear to her room or she's playing on the x-box. Now, to let you know, my husband & I have problems with our bodies. Where the girls can do it better because they're able to bend over and clean the tub, pick up things out of the floor, etc. They DON'T do laundry. We have to fuss at them to do that. Here's something, when they take off their socks, I ask them to pen them, so they will be mated. They won't even do that. Lynn says she hates mating socks. Now the problem with Lynn. Jimmy has full custody of his kids. Their mother is supposed to have visitation. But, she is in Las Vegas, Nevada,and is trying to get custody of both of the girls, so they can be babysitters. But Jimmy has full custody and Tonya (mom) told them, that when they turn 14 they can come live with her. Not a good idea. Their divorce papers say that she will have visitation in Jimmy's presents agreeable between the parties. Including phone calls. Well, Lynn has been contacting her mother without us knowing about it. Lynn was going to run away to her mother and Lynn was hoping that her mother was going to come in on mother's day and when she did, Lynn was going home with her. We put a stop to it, quick. Now, Lynn gives attitude about everything, most of the time. They're ok when they don't talk to their mother, but when they do, we have problems out of them.

Sorry that this is so long, but that's the only way you could understand where I'm coming from. I'm the step-mother and I've had them since they were 5-6 yrs.old. For 9 yrs. We have ended up in court for some reason or another. Jimmy is pushing child-support now. Before , he had let it go. Now if she comes to Ga. she will be locked-up for back child-support. She hasn't paid in 7-8 yrs? Lynn has also been going to the women in our Church for help to contact her mother and our neighbor. It was a bad divorce. My kids hold my past over my head. I keep telling them that I can't change the past, But, I can change the future. Now, none of my kids like me too much. I have grandchildern and Crystle won't let me see them, because of what I said to her. I'M AT MY WITS END. I'm supposed to take medication for my menapause, but I don't. It's also for my nerves.

My Out-of-Control Children

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