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My child is so strong willed that he will continue on a rampage for hour upon hour upon hour...

My son is almost 17 and has been out of control for years but has recently escalated his behaviors. I am going through a divorce and he moved in with me after his father hit him. His father has enforced into him a disrespect for women and it is mainly directed at me.

He cusses me out, calls me a fat ass whore, etc... His friends and him are well on their way to getting me evicted over their behavior, which isn't of itself all that bad, but it against the rules where I live (going out onto the roof; hanging out in the parking lots)

His most recent thing is his car broke down (I bought it and pay insurance) and now he thinks he has a right to take my car and tell me I need to walk to work. He has an attitude of entitlement that is beyond anything I have ever seen. His father does to, but manages it appropriately. He also got an arrest for Marijuana and has been drinking and refuses all attempts at reason or discipline.

I suppose whatever is in your materials may help him - but I think the key is can I do it? After 2 hours of him yelling at me, belittling me, cussing at me I get such a headache that I am sometimes forced to give in to get some relief. Usually I don't give in so much as negotiate concessions, but this too is prolly wrong.

He's on a path of self destruction and seems to think his "full grown ass man" self can do as he pleases wherever he pleases.

How easy is it for a weak willed parent to regain control. And I'm not normally weak willed, but my child is so strong willed that he will continue on a rampage for hour upon hour upon hour. Calling me horrid names, talking to me like I'm a child, demanding things and money and privileges and if he doesn't get permission for something he does it anyway. His father is absolutely no help what so ever and I am wondering if it is time to commit him to a boot camp (lest I could afford it)

My Out-of-Control Teen

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