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My son is "bullying"...

My name is Simone Jackson and i live in wale's in the united kingdom i have recently been told my son who is 9 yrs old has ODD and i am at my wits end . And was hoping you may be able to help me as i haven't been told of any where round here.

I have been told and noticed now my son is "bullying" he's younger brother to the point of emotional abuse and im so worried about this , he's father was an abuser and i am scared this may be traits of his dad coming through and i don't know how to deal with this... no matter what we tell him if we tell him no for what ever reason he tells us yea whatever or f off or other abuse that comes out he's mouth... he refers to me as a stupid cow and i need to help him. I need to protect he's younger brother from he's abuse, he's younger brother is 8 and i have a younger one who is 5 and thinks the son (shelton) who has ODD is cool and wants to be like him. Jordan the lad that's being bullied is being investigated for autism and all three have ADHD well shelton more ODD.

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