Runaway Son

My son is now 19yrs old and we have had on going relationship problems with him since the the past 3/4 yrs. He does not like to communicate and sends both his father and I ''too hell'' to put it mildly any time we want to set rules or ask him to do something. Well yesterday,, the worst thing happened. He went out at 11am , when I asked where he was going his answer ' I dont know", just out. I mentioned lunch would be ready around 1pm. My husband is not always home on sundays, as he works as a cook, and when he is we like all the family to be present. He said he was not coming home for lunch, and when we tried call him all day, he did not answer his phone, He came home at 1030pm and when his father confronted him, it did not go well, because as usual we can never have a 2 way reasonable conversation. He will never answer or say what his problem is , he just gets upset and tells us off. So his father lost it, last night and asked him to pack his bags and leave. AND HE DID. We are not happy with this, we love our son and don't know how to deal with this .

My husband went out looking for him last night, could not find him and he is not answering his phone, When he walked out the door , I tried to stop him and told him we care about him. I asked where he was going and he said he would figure something out. I finally found his best friend's telephone nbr and I would like to call to see if he is there.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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