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We were going to kick her in the guts until the baby was dead...

My 15 yr old daughter told cruel lies to get her boyfriend's family to take her in ie. when she told her father and I that she was pregnant, we were going to kick her in the guts until the baby was dead.

That was 5 months ago.

She was never pregnant.

She and the boyfriend (16) are no longer together.

She lives with this family. I have spoken to the parents a few times.

They say that she is free to come and go. They love having her there because -

· She cleans the house and the mother rewards her with $20 shopping vouchers.
· The "boyfriend" doesn't do drugs, drink like he did or steal wallets anymore.
· In a house of 3/4 males, the mother says it's lovely to have another female around.
· The mother says "She's the daughter I never had."

Her reasons for not being home change -

· she was scared of me (Mum) for the above reason
· we are too organised
· we are too busy
· it's 'fun' living out there
· there was no wall on her new bedroom (it was being built that week)
· she can't talk to me (she's never been a talker. the counsellor says she doesn't open up)

Her 12 yr old brother is now in counselling and his twin sister cries every day. We miss her terribly and have told her. She just doesn't seem to care.

We were once a close family. She once had lovely friends and was a great kid ie. loving daughter and sister, primary school vice-captain, B grade student, played bass guitar and sport, glowing references from teachers and friends.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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