What we are doing is clearly NOT working...

My husband and I are disagreeing about what type of consequence to give our 16 yr old son who has just returned from "running away"for 5 days (to a girlfriends house) for the second time in a month.

Last month he did something wrong and was going to be grounded for a weekend. Instead he never came home from school on Friday until I located him and picked him up on Sunday. We then gave him 2 weeks of grounding which he quietly accepted until my husband kept yelling and then they had a terrible fight. By the next day my son was still so angry, I brought him to the local psych hospital and they kept him for an eval. and sent him home with meds. We stayed firm on the 2 week grounding. My son spent 10 days at a relatives then came home. He's been stating he doesn't want to live with us and is looking for alternates ( friends, county teen shelters etc.)I even contacted a learning consultant about boarding schools. Lo and behold, last Thurs, he ran away to the same girlfriends house for 5 days this time. I called the police initially, but when I heard from him, the missing persons search was called off. He came home 2 days ago and my husband wants to throw the book at him with more grounding, no computer, cell phone etc. I know some type of consequence is in order, but what we are doing is clearly NOT working.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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