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He has recently had a "brush" with the law...

I am the mother of an 18 year old boy who is a senior in high school. My son resides with my husband and myself full time as his father is located on the other side of the country. My husband and I are very concerned about my son. He has recently had a "brush" with the law and does not seem very concerned about the potential consequences. We have tried all that we know to do but I feel like I am at my wits end. I have asked my son's father to help but that does not seem likely. We would appreciate any guidance that you could provide or a point in the right direction on where to help locate some resources. My son has had problems in school (ADD), with drugs, lying and seemingly refusing to grow up and take responsibilities for his actions. He is involved in graffiti as a form of expression and is now knowingly breaking the law to do this.

My son is a very talented young man who wishes to pursue a career in art. He does display anger at times but primarily frustration.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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