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He is angry aggressive, smoking cigarettes, smoking weed, drinking alcohol, not accepting rules, not being honest...

I am a desperate single mother of three children.

My daughter is 21, my middle son is 13 (turning 14 in February) and my youngest son is 12.

I have no trouble at all with the first and last children of mine, but my middle one whose name is Mohammed (Mo for short) is the one whom I have tried every single trick possible. You can name it, but still seems that I couldn't find the right path. He makes lost of promises, doesn't keep even one, which I know its part of his age and part of his drug addiction. Maybe its better to introduce him completely so you will get a correct idea.

Me, my ex-husband and my seven year old daughter moved to Australia, 1 August 1994(From Iran). Then he was born on 3 February 1995, - as you can see lots of changes in your family life has occurred by moving to a foreign country. then when he was only 20 months old when his youngest brother was born on September 30 1996, I was trying to cope with a new situation when ten months after Masoud was born ( my youngest son) then came my ex-parents in laws who were in there 70s and 80s. Now there are seven people in the family who are all leaning on me, am sure you can imagine how hard life was with my ex-husband, studying and working both full-time, not being around for help at all, my eight year old suffering from epilepsy and needed special care, two young boys under the age of three and two elderly people. So there is only me to look after seven people including myself, which you can imagine I could do only a little bit for everyone, not as enough as possible (Specially Mo who is now 2/3 years old who needs a lot of Mum and Dad to be around and paying attention instead he has to spend few hours a day looking after his little brother). And then because of that busy family situation mum and dad are having lots of fight and trouble and the fighting increase daily which ends up with a divorce when Mo was only nine. and now here he is angry aggressive, smoking cigarettes, smoking week, drinking alcohol, not accepting rules, not being honest, not settled, cant make a decision, is very moody, swearing one minute and happier than ever then next and yet i have to say he is the soft hearted person ever.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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