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He is just one confused young man...

My Husband and I are Carers for our Grandsons are Reece (8) and Dylan (13). It is our Grandson, Dylan, that we have the concern about. He is approaching 14 and is showing some delinquency and irrational behavior. His parental background is unstable/depressive/drug addict mother and alcoholic father (our son). His mum left when he was 9, but he was dragged around to shelters and in and out of foster care up to and after that age. My son won them through court some five years ago and has looked after them until Department of Community Services removed the boys due to physical abuse related to his drinking. (My husband and I lived 4 hours away at the time and did not know of the circumstances.)

My husband and I now have the boys full time for two years now. I gave up work last year to care for them full time. Dylan has always been a kind and caring kid, but the teenage years have caught up fast and he is just one confused young man. With his background he must have loads of issues and I am trying to get teen/adolecant counseling in our area, so far to no avail.

We are in touch with Community Services re the issues, but they are so flat out, we cannot get an appointment.

Our concerns are for Dylan and want him to come through this as unscathed as possible, and to experience a happy adult life. We have been honest with the boys re - situations relating to his parents, and Dylan has seen for himself the damage. We relay the lessons of alcohol and drugs in our talks with them, and our family is the perfect example. So we are just after a little help to hopefully make things better and more harmonious for us all. (my husband is 70 and I am 60, and this is retirement!!!)Reece to date seems remarkably unscathed and has a great insite and adaptability to the situation.

I have a daughter in Sydney, who is just the most wonderful girl, who is a rock for us and the boys, and our other son lives in Tokyo and has been overseas working and living for 10 years. We live in a country area about 4 hours from our daughter, so our support is limited, and as our friends are our age, so friend/family/support contact is limited. So we feel a little trapped.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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