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He sees nothing wrong with smoking marijuana...

Our 16 year old son is using/abusing marijuana about 5 times a week. He started using when he was 14 years old.

We have sent him to an Addiction Counsellor who says he can't help him unless he wants to quit.

I have bought books and discussed drug use with his school counsellor and other parents.

We have a rule no drugs or drug paraphenalia on our property or in our house
Our son gets stoned at lunch hours (he's in Grade 11) with his many friends
He has a part-time job which he likes and he seems to be doing OK at school
He has chores at home which he is responsible about and is usually cooperative
He gets himself up with the alarm every day, showers and gets his own breakfast
I pack him a huge, nutritious lunch each day.

He is a kind and passive individual who sees nothing wrong with smoking marijuana.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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