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My daughter brought the police home on Monday...

My daughter brought the police home on Monday and they were ready to have a go at me for being the terrible parent that she portrays in her stories to others. The school won't support me and believe her. She has already said the magic words to the school, My Mum's crazy. She is 13 and a half year nine and in her first year of high school.

She knows I'm in the middle of my end of year tests and loves the attention she is getting on a regular basis from the school guidance counsellor who believes her and said the magic power words to me the stressed out single parent about the government social workers service. here they believe allegations and take peoples kids from them. My mother has already made false allegations in the past so it is all a mess. My friend will take her for one weekend but thats all. I am in the middle of my tests and can't study.

The police man found out that my daughter has no remorse and she has been referred to a youth officer.

I have to let my study go. That will have negative financial implications for me.

I don't want to speak to her anymore and everything I say gets repeated to the guidance counsellor with artful acting and additions.

I have already discovered she has been gameplaying in other areas deliberately hiding objects to confuse me and throwing things away so I have to replace them. She knew full well I couldn't afford that.She is also deliberately hiding rotten food in her room because she knows how important keeping a healthy home is to me.

She won't return the money she stole ($120) and is enjoying every minute of this. I don't know what to do.

She was put in handcuffs by the police officer, but I don't think she was really scared.

She is still stealing pens and pencils off other children because the school won't support me and trivialised it, believed she is innocent and that I'm crazy. She has no need for them they are just prettier than the ones she has and she has taken about twenty in a premeditated fashion this year.

I was totally humiliated having the police arrive at our flat with her room being searched for stollen goods and me being questioned also.

please can you help me, i have no idea of what to do, she is enjoying this and everything I have tried as a parent and every routine and every moral principle I have ever tried to teach her has been trodden on since she was five years old.
I had this staring me in the face for so long I had refused to see that she is behaving exactly the way my mother does. My mother is a psychiatric case.

My daughter has had symptoms of Add for years but only mild and I thought she had grown out of that, and I'm not in favour of drugging children with ritalin.
She has also been oppositionally defiant from an early age and after this weeks events I think she may have no conscience.

In the past whenever I do anything really nice for her she does something really bad to me. This time i had pre bought her christmas present, a big girls scooter.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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