ODD Daughter?

My 12-year-old daughter has not been diagnosed ODD, in fact, no one has ever given her a diagnosis, but she has learning problems, memory recall problems, and anxiety. Her anxiety is at the root of a lot her behavior problems. We have a problem with her lying a lot, from small stories she makes up kind of like daydreaming, to whoppers that would get other kids in trouble if they were true. She usually lies to avoid looking bad or to avoid consequences.

This morning she yelled at me about going to church, "I REFUSE to go and that's that." My husband came to me and said that getting her to church wasn't worth the battle, and I got so angry I left the house for several hours. Now I'm back home and have given my daughter a big list of chores that will probably take her the rest of the day.

But I have little hope that giving her chores will alter her behavior. We're tried grounding, taking away privileges, taking away video-watching (we don't allow tv shows)... nothing works.

On the positive side, she does her chores willingly, contributes to the family, behaves very well at school, loves her 3-year-old brother but fights with him sometimes.

My husband is unemployed right now and we are having an extremely stressful time financially. I wish we could just skip a dinner out to afford your program, but dinners out are a thing of the past in our household right now. So before I make the choice to pay for your program, I need to know whether you think it will help us, or whether it is aimed at kids with more severe behavior problems than my daughter.

My Out-of-Control Daughter

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