...tried to choke me to death...

16 y/o son been in trouble with law for 2 years now/very verbally abusive to my mother, me and anybody else that makes him mad/has stole meds from house/severe drug use/punches holes in doors and walls/has escalated into physical violence in the last year or so... tried to choke me to death and older sister and my mom pried him off of me... i called the police and he in turn said he had to do it to get me off of him... i went to jail/all charges were dropped/month later had his older sister locked up/been in res. facility for 9 mo and has od 3 times and had several fights/will be released in 4 weeks and i am afraid he will try to call the cops on me again if he does not get his way/in need answers/i am scared.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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