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Boot camps are out...

I was online searching for help for my nearly 19 yr old daughter Alanna ... boot camps are out ... found your site ... I've been married to my husband for four years .. we moved from Newfoundland to BC Canada and married him so Alanna was 14 at the time .. left all her friends behind to move to a life she didn't know .. got in with loser boyfriend for 3 years, drinking friends, well you know the routine with teenagers .. my husband accepted her but now says she has 12 days to get out .. he's sick of her lying, ongoing asking girls in without permission even though we tell her to ask, then they make up and go out at 11, calling at 3 a.m. saying she's stuck at someone's house can I either come get her/pay a cab for her .. ended up at the ER the other night with chest pain, they told her it was from drinking, just plain irresponsible, wont look for a job, thinks I have to take her around to find a job .. it is affecting my whole relationship with him and he said it's time to either grow up, get a job and move out .. or if I choose not to put her out then he wants me out as well ... I have nowhere to send her, no family here .. her own father lives out east and has a 72 year old wife who doesn't like children (nor would Alanna go with him, he left when she was two and isn't an integral part of her life) ...

We're Christians as well tho my husband is getting pretty weak with it ... I can see he is frustrated and he finds that she just berates and argues, twists stuff around to suit her yet if I dont take her here or pick her up there, take her friend home, I am rude and inconsiderate and a b**tch who has ruined her life. My husband has done everything to give her a good life here .. she is struggling with night school to get her grade 12 as she's been put out of school 4 times due to just not going .. thinks she can go when she wants and still get an education.

Sound familiar?

My Out-of-Control Teen

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