I am at my wits end with him...

My son has just turned 14 years of age, Since a very young child i have had serious problems with him. I have been to numerous doctors specialists Mental Health, Counsellors and many other people. He has been on numerous medications that work for a few week's and then he is back to his violent self again. He was diagnosed at 5yrs with Autism. Or rather Pervasive Developmental Disorder I read heavily into ODD disorder to which i am wondering he has as well. He is violent disruptive and very very defiant. I am a single mum and often have to call the police to help me when he is attacking myself and my other children. I have taken him off all his meds as last year i took him back to his paediatrician and basically nothing is working for me so i talked to her and decided to just go cold turkey and see what happens. He has periods of perfect behaviour then he just changes as if someone has flicked a switch and decides to destroy my property smash windows doors and bash me. I am at my wits end with him.

Last year he went to live with his dad for 5 weeks to help me out but unfortunately it didn't work out too well so he has come back to live with me now!

Can you offer any advice to me how i can deal with his violent and non compliant behaviour and yes believe you me i have and i mean have tried everything with him.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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