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I am desperate...

I have a major problem I have been divorced for 9 years but am currently remarried to a wonderful man, but my 13 1/2 year old teenage boy has suddenly gone out of control. He blatantly tells my current husband that he hates him and that he is nothing let me tell you he tells him is lower than and "shit" he knows, He is also rude to me with ever word he speaks and he acts like he is the adult in the house and we must just comply. He is still in a lot of contact with his father, as I have never denied him or his brother this right.

I don’t no what to do any more, my current husband and I have split up at least 5 times due to this and tonight was the worst ever for me I cant take it any more. He is down right rude and disrespectful to me it feels as if he is in constant competition with my husband for the authority and I don’t no where he gets this from, I have never made him feel as if he is nothing to me on the contrary my children are very spoiled. He has this thing that everything in the house belongs to me and he wont hear any different that my current husband and I share everything. What do I do I am so desperate that I am going insane it is not good on my mental mind. I have made a booking for him to see a clinical psychologist but I see on your web page that you don’t advise this, I am lost and feel alone I don’t no what to do. I am desperate please help me before I go completely insane.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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