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I am so down and desperate...

I need some emergency action to calm it down. In addition to staying out late, stealing money, dogging school, the abuse from my son has spun out of control, there is nothing but explitives that come out of his mouth from first thing in the morning until last thing at night, he is threatening in his behaviour and contacntly bangs and throws things, I have just had a call from my partner who has returned from work to find broken dishes all over the floor where my son has kicked a football and smashed all of the dishes gone out and left them there. Where the dishes were this has to have been deliberate. He is completely out of control.

How can I ask open questions to someone who starts abuse the second I open my mouth, we are 3 million miles away from sitting down and having dinner, I do tell him I love him but I wont begin to tell you his reaction.I have remained consistent, but he will not budge, he just keeps doing what he likes although he is very unhappy that we wnet into his room and took his Sky box and Play Station, I have told him that that was the choice he made when he stayed out late and that he will get it back after 3 days.

Tonight my partner has told me he has had enough and that if I don't do something he will put my son out and never let him back, he is a man of his word I can tell you( he is not my sons father) My sons father is absolutely no support, he lives in another country and never backs me or gives help, I have asked so many times.

I have always said I will never give up but I need to know how to get us past this. If you just say refer back I will scream I have tried I need something which will get him to calm down otherwise something really bad is going to happen, I know he is trying to get me to enter into a fight ( or my partner) and he is just keeping pushing , I have not succumbed and will not. The police have been a complete let down, I have called them 3 times and they have never shown up for one reason or another. I am trying to lead my own life and look after myself but right now I am so down and desperate.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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