I can't stand my lying, manipulating, tell you what you want to hear son...

I'm to the point where I can't stand my lying, manipulating, tell you what you want to hear son. Oh boy, he's passing in school, we think with D minus's (maybe he'll graduate after all) He's at Sat. school now, for the third time. He drinks, smokes, smokes pot, who knows what else, Oh, but he's a nice guy, and he is. We can't even be happy for him that he passed finals because he had to go out, break curfew, drink, and of course then we have to endure this vicious screaming, breaking things pattern, that has to happen every weekend, oh maybe the pot happens only on days he's out of school early. (We work out of town) (great) He lost his job, hangs out with fellow partiers, and won’t obey rules. Suggestions work for about a week, and then he's right back to his behavior. He's 17 thinking he's 27, and can do whatever he wants. Just like gang mentality, live and smile for today, cry tomorrow.

We have addiction in out family and I'm pretty sure he is now full-blown addicted to alcohol, but in denial. His Dad had to go to another state to work, not good during all this. He went and stayed with him a week in hopes for some progress, good as long as he is not with his fellow partiers. Do I take him out of this environment and put him in another high school, can only be for 3 months, then his dad returns. I'm so done with being angry all the time, they all (teenagers) think I'm the crazy one; I do lose my temper at this drinking thing. He just had a friend die, from the whole party thing the driver didn't call 911, and the passenger died, alcohol was involved, and my son is still going out and partying. He went to the funeral; he's been to a class showing reality of driving and death, nothing phases him. It has to be severe addiction!! I have a 15 yr, and a 12 yr. old right behind him. By the way, I work in educ., use to teach a PATHS program, and my son was diagnosed with ADD along time ago, but we chose not to medicate.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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