Out-of-Control Students

I'm a teacher in a small private school (7th grade). I have come across your website in looking for a bit of information and a fresh approach to working with a difficult group of young people. I have a class of 12 (5 of which I modify work for). There is a young man in my class who is causing havoc and loving it. He is asking me to expel him both in words and actions. He was doing well through the first part of the year but right before and since coming back from Christmas break, he is pouring it on big time! He has some learning issues, is a middle child in the midst of a nasty divorce. His problems at this point are mostly coming from his need to be in a power play with me continually - refusing to follow any direction given (took a 0 on quiz today rather than do what I asked by taking the quiz) - his attitude is harmful in my classroom and quite frankly I'm tired of giving him so much of my attention, thought and energy. I'm exhausted and angry by the end of each day. I'm really angry about him stealing our time together as a class this year and the fun we could be having. One of my biggest problems is that I have a couple of other students who are followers. Because of severe adhd and other challenges in my class, they are easily swayed, making wrong choices and being very vocal in their attempts to follow all the while thinking they are being cool. I'm having a challenge each day being able to get the work done that we need to and keeping the class on track. This class had a horrible year last year with an inexperienced teacher who told them not to worry about following rules as long as they didn't get caught. They have huge gaps academically and have lost skills that were there two years ago when I taught them.

My Out-of-Control Students

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