She has always had problems being accepted by her peers...

My 15-year-old daughter: She has always had problems being accepted by her peers. She was diagnosed with adhd when she was 12 and is taking meds. She has had numerous attendance, behavior, and poor grade issues in the past several months. She also lost her job because she could not stop texting during her 2-3 hr shift. She has had numerous "boyfriends". A couple months ago, she had sex with a boy who then announced the event to her entire high school. She responded by telling everyone (including me) that she was pregnant. We quickly determined that she was not pregnant and told her to fix the lying with kids and adults at school. When I continued to get calls from teachers that she was using this pregnancy as manipulation to get out of classes, etc and clarified with them that this was a lie, I again told her that I had given the truth to the adults I had spoken with and that she should stop lying to the kids. She responded by taking a handful of adhd meds she says she bought from school, telling a boy and having the sheriff and emts take her to the emergency room. We don't think she actually took the meds, she says she took and was released. We started using your program at about this time. We have taken her cell phone and TV 5-6 times in the past couple of months when she has broken a rule. Over Xmas break, she told me she was going to work on past due homework and apply for jobs. Instead, she has basically stayed in her room texting and only comes out to eat. She has not showered or done anything for days. Yesterday she asks if her new "boyfriend" can come over and hang out. I had told her previously, that the lack of doing anything, including picking up after herself and working on the things she said she would do over break was going to have an impact on her social life. So when I told her no and reminded her to do a chore, which she said she would do, but did not do. Since she chose not to do her chore, we chose not to provide her with a TV in her room for 2 days. She is continuing to be rude to us. She now won't speak to us or acknowledge us as all. I have no idea who the boy is she claims is her new boyfriend and don't feel comfortable having him in our house. We have another 12-year-old daughter and the 15 year old has previously broken the rule of having boys over when we are not home. We have so many issues going on constantly that it is difficult to keep track of what is what. I realize that not doing anything is her choice. However, existing in our house and eating our food while ignoring us and lying to us but then asking for something when she has done nothing (she did offer to clean her room if he came over), just does not seem logical. I also suspect that she is selling her adhd meds. I only keep a small number of pills in the cabinet and periodically check and replenish. When I check on occasion in the past month, I think, there are one or two pills missing several times. If I say something to her, she is just going to lie anyway.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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