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We are at our wits end and are afraid our children are going to destroy our family...

My name is Marcy Whittaker. I was married to my 3 girls father for 14 yrs before he passed away in front of my girls who were 13, 11 and 7 at the time. They are now almost 16, 14 and 10. My husband Michael, who is also a widower has 2 children--boy almost 13 and girl almost 9. Jan. 19th will be our 1st wedding anniversary.

Meghan--15 almost 16--straight A National Honor Society kid. A good kid has become mouthy and disrespectful to all.

Carly 13 almost 14 was born with health issues. She has brain damage and the mentality of only 3-9 yrs old. She also has ADHD. On the A/B honor roll. Lies in bed all the time, when given chores to do never feels good and lies alot.She is on Adderall and seroquel.

Ricky 12 almost 13--ONLY BOY in family. Been diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, Asbergers, and Bipolar. Acts like 3-4 yr old when he does not get his way. Has extreme outbursts of anger over minor things and has gone thru anger mngmnt which just made things worse. He is on concerta, seroquel and mirtrazapine.

Morgan 9 almsot 10 is MY baby. At age of 4 survived what should have been a fatal fall from 2nd story window--head first on cement patio. According to Drs no brain damage. Recently diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, PTSD and Dyslexia. She is our biggest problem, angry all the time, irritates and aggravates Ricky to get him upset, talks back, is lazy and insults everybody. She is also VERY fearless. She is on Adderall and Risperal.

Maggie 8 almost 9--Michael's baby and baby of the family. A straight A student but is starting to talk and act like Ricky and Morgan. Maggie has no diagnosis she is just learning from the older ones.

Michael and I actually had to seperate and my girls and I moved out for 4 mnths to try to gain some control over our children. We know that we have 5 children who have all lost a parent at an early age and then expected to accept a step parent and new siblings.

We were even seeing a family counselor who's suggestion for us was to get a divorce. My husband and I love each other and all 5 kids. Michael works 12 hr shifts for the sheriffs dept as a corrections corporal and can handle 450 inmates but when it comes to our kids we are lost. I am the main caregiver--a stay at home mom who is overwelmed. My house is trashed constantly and I cant keep up with all the kids messes. Trust me, my kids would frustrate even you!!!

Our question for you is with different problems with 5 kids can your program help us with all of them?

We are at our wits end and are afraid our children are going to destroy our family or kill one of us--stress wise.

Please help us because the psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and even our Pastor have given up on our family.

My Out-of-Control Children

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