We ended up sending him away to a boarding school for 5 months...

My son has already pushed us to the point where we ended up sending him away to a boarding school for 5 months over the summer and he returned a better person somewhat. Gradually he has gone back to the way he was before he left, but seems more "street smart" toward us.

We no longer have shouting matches, but I feel as if 95% of every situation that occurs is controlled by him. There is that 5% that he won't push us over the edge but..

He has his own car and drives everywhere to go out and hang out with his friends. His weeknight curfew is 11PM and his weekend curfew is 12midnight (ish according to his rules) He always arrives home just a bit after the time, but will always be out every night unless we specifically forbid it. But that rarely happens because we can't push our luck on whether he will. We know he drinks, and smokes (cigars and pot) but we can't prove the pot and we only smell alcohol on his breath.

All this is based on "If you leave me alone, and let me go out, and don't bug me about my grades, I'll do better in school. His grades right now aren't too bad expcept 1-F, otherwise he has 2-B's, a C and an A in art. Hopefull he will graduate this year? He plans on taking the ASVAB test and joining the Air National Guard, but though we have managed to get him a study guide he barely even looks at it. Says he doesn't need it, he will do fine.

Where he is going or what he will do in his life beyond High school is a good question. We tell ourselves it's only 5 more months and then he will be gone, but I don't believe in this kind of magic? He lives for the moment and his own pleasure right now and my husband and I are at our wit's end. We feel as if he has reached a point where by becoming 18 he feels he is an adult and should be treated as such though he doesn't act like one. Also, he doesn't have a job but not for lack of trying somewhat to get one. (They are kind of scarce around here) He has many priveledges but if we threaten to take any away, he doesn't understand why? We feel as if our son is delusional and feels he is invincible and nothing bad will ever happen to him.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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