15 year-old daughter is physically abusive...

My 15 year-old daughter is physically abusive to both myself and my son. She has been in counseling for years and in two different behavioral hospitals over the last year. She has had more sexual partners in her short life than I have at 40. She has run away 12 times. She tells the police I beat her. She tells the school staff I take videos of her having sexual encounters. Of course none of this is true. She lies, steals, curses at me, throws things. Her 17 year old sex partner breaks into my home on a regular basis through the window in her room. She insists on meeting men over the internet while in her father's care (for sex). Her father (my ex) refuses to support anything I do to try to help her. He will not lay down any rules while he has her for visitation.

Every police officer in town knows me and has labled me a bad parent and or child abuser, at least in their minds. I have done everything I can think of for her, but I don't think she wants help. She wants to do whatever she wants to do, period.

I have written the State's attorney about the boy, been involved with DCFS about issues with her father (I won't go into all of it), and searched for help everywhere with no luck. Everyone looks at me like I've done something wrong.

I am afraid she is lost to me.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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