I am at a loss, my heart is broken...

I have a sixteen year old son who has two personalities. The one “Cody” is a delight, the boy all moms want to take their daughter out. He would walked a whole block out of his way just to say hello to a friend parents. Then there is the “Cody” that lives in our house. Cody has never been an easy child, he was the child that would run from you as a toddler, always escaped out of his car seat but he was such a cute little stinker!

In kindergarten he didn’t catch on to everything like his older brother did. He would say to me that the kids can do things better than he can. It broke my heart when he said that. In first grade he struggled as well so I decided to enroll him the Sylvan School and focus on his reading. He did so much better, he was reading books all the time and up until around 6th grade he did alright, Bs mostly and occasional C. Middle school was a nightmare and in 8th grade I finally got him a private Tudor who met with him once or twice a week for over a year. He did really well at her house and wanted to please her, however he refused to put any effort into it at school or at home. I lost my job last April and I had to stop the tutoring sessions. I hoped he would do better just being motivated by his desire be on the swim team and getting letters from Universities already because of his swimming. When his sophomore year started it was not any better, in desperation I order the Simple Way to an A. It was very expensive and didn’t do anything because he wouldn’t put the effort in. Today he brought home his report card and he had two Fs on his report card. I am at such a loss. Cody’s private teacher said that he is very bright, however I am not sure. Why won’t he try.

He is our squeaky wheel in the family. He can make our day a delight or if he wants to he can destroy the it in a minute. He had one older brother and two younger brothers. He is awful to our youngest who is really tall, and a bit heavy for a nine year old. I just can’t make him understand that his behavior is very destructive.

I am at a loss, my heart is broken. He just left the house after I told him he couldn’t. I was very calm and I didn’t yell, I told him he was not allowed to go. He screamed at me about not having his license. WHAT? I am devastated because he is squandering his chances to get into college and he is really making our home toxic and he talks about his drivers license. I don’t know what to try anymore.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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