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I am totally exhausted emotionally and finding it very hard to cope...

We are really struggling with our son. We see a psychiatrist and specialist paediatrician but no one has any answers. They tell us that in time things will improve. He has various issues – adhd, asd, ocd and severe anxiety. He has had a number of breakdowns and has had to be pulled out of school numerous times. He is now 16 and we feel that things are going down hill fast.

We live in Australia in a small city away from any more specialised facilities. We are feel like we have exhausted every avenue and need help as Dom is not the average type of kid. I am angry because I feel he is totally manipulating my husband and myself. Last night, when my husband was disciplining him, I sat in another room and just cried. He came in pointed and laughed. I have given up my career 4 years ago to give him stability and so am just a little upset at how everything is progressing. He just stands up to us and refuses to do things. We could take everything away and he would still stand firm. We know it is all getting to him but he won’t give in.

As you can see from this email, I am totally exhausted emotionally and finding it very hard to cope.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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