I have considered sending her to the Sheriffs Youth Ranch...

Our story is a lengthy one so I will just give you the meat and potatoes of it. My daughter SIerra is 15 almost 16. Almost two years ago her father was accused for the second time of child molestation. Not on SIerra though. The first victim that we know of was my oldest daughter, which was brought to the authorities in 2001, and the state of FL decided not to prosecute. In 2006 another little girl in TX, his current wifes niece made the same accusations. The Air Force got involved and court martialled him. And in Dec 2007 he was convicted and sentenced. The summer of 2007 Sierra went to her fathers for the summer visitation, I had been threatened that if I did not let her go he would file charges against me for violating a court order and I am a single mom and could not risk that. So I sent her. He never sent her back and petitioned the courts in TX were he was residing for custody. I divorce was in Orange county FL. TX courts gave him temporary custody although they knew he was in the midst of a court battle and what the allegations were. When he was convicted in Dec TX DCF stepped in and took Sierra from the step mother who was trying to conceal Sierra's location from them. And they returned her to my custody. Since then it has been a nightmare. The 6 months that Sierra was with them they manipulated her mind and she has been nothing but a nightmare since returning. She has been Baker Acted, She has run away, she has been in juvi for hitting me, she has been in therapy, she skips school or better yet refuses to go, he was in a program for behavior problems until my insurance ran out, you name it I have tried it. Therapy, life coaches, day boot camps, etc. I don't know what else to do or for that matter how much I can take before I have a breakdown myself.

Currently I more help then I had before, my boyfriend is very helpful and she seems to respect him, but he can't do everything. I have no idea what else to do. I have considered sending her to the Sheriffs Youth Ranch because I just can't take any more.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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