ODD Grandson

I have a Grandson who is 15 years old. I was reading online about ODD. My Grandson has many of the symptoms such as looses his temper, constantly argues with adults, failing at school, when asked to do something he always has to do it on his time or not at all, he is a loner and is always gaming on his computer. He is very against drugs, he is not interested in girls because even though he is 15 he is not mature at all. He is always getting in trouble at school because he is the class clown or refuses to listen to the teachers. He is not cruel to animals matter of fact he loves them. His mother was pretty much vacant during his early childhood. His father verbally abuses him. He has been with me now for the past 5 years and I thought it was just the teenager coming out. He recently wanted to go live with his father and I did everything to make him stay. He lasted only a few weeks and wanted to come home. He hates his mother and will not talk to her. I am giving you a very general diagnosis but I know he will not go to counseling with me.

My Out-of-Control Child

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