Our situation is awful, and feels hopeless...

My husband and I are at our wits end with our son.

When taking away privileges from our son as a "grounding" is it right in your opinion to take something away that the child himself has purchased? ie. computer, cell phone, X-Box? I don't see eye to eye with my husband on this. He has recently taken away all of my son's things, and constantly threatens to sell everything, even though my son worked hard for it, and has purchased it himself.

*Our main issues right now are his lack of respect for us, constant lying, and failure to keep on top of school work (barely passing..but doesn't listen to our pleas/concern for his own future. He thinks he will get back at us but not doing things such as going to his work, or failing school - when it is only harming his own future). It has thus created an "I hate you dad, and want you to get lost". All as we want is the best for him..yet he fights us on us. He is very nasty to a younger sibling who is a "high achiever" and does well in things..but she works very hard at things. He is lazy. Blames everything that goes wrong in his life on us.

This ongoing situation has affected my health, and often I feel like I want out of the family..I just want to take leave, which I know is not the right thing to do. Our situation is awful, and feels hopeless.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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