Our son has been diagnosed ADHD for many years and Bipolar more recently...

Our son has been diagnosed ADHD for many years and Bipolar more recently, but we believe he's had that disorder all along. He's been extremely difficult but manageable until last summer. Now we're in a vicious cycle of fights, outbursts, poor grades in school (they've never been great, but never failing) emotional highs and lows, talk about quitting school, running away, shop lifting, refusing to accept responsibililty for his behavior, and on and on. At school, the guidance counselor knew about a doctor's appointment with his psychiatrist and our son's refusal to go. The school resource officer was called in to give him the options of going with us, or being brought somewhere with him for a 72 hour stay. Our family is in turmoil, our hearts are breaking. I see you've used this program successfully on up to 15 year old per the info on your web site. Our son is 17. Do you think it will work for him? Our greatest concern is that in another 8-9 months he'll be 18 and an "adult" in the eyes of the law. But in real life he'll only be an out of control teen who is not driving (thank God!), and beginning the 11th grade. He still has juvenile court to go to next week for arraignment, as the state attorney did not accept the recommendation for the diversionary Teen Court, as he's had a petty theft charge 3 yrs ago.

My Out-of-Control Child

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