This child is beyond defiant...

My name is Craig Smith and I currently am employed as a detention officer for Forsyth County here in NC. I'am kind of skeptical about what you are saying, but I'am open to anything that would help get my step daughter back in line. You see over the last 3 years she has become increasingly worse over during that time. She has gotten to the point that she refuses to listen to anything that is said to her from either myself, my wife, school adminstraters, law enforcement officers, and even her own grand parents. She has refused to go to go to school, and as a matter of fact she hasn't been to school in over three weeks. Over the last 2 1/2 weeks my wife and I have had to fill out four missing persons reports against her, we have been to the juvenile court system, the magistrates office and even the school and all of the above have refused to help us get our daughter the help that she needs so that she can get back to where she needs to be. We have been to several counselors, we have been through social services, and we have even involuntarily committed her once for drug use. So when I say that we have literally done everything possible to help her I absolutley mean that we have done everything. Mr. Hutten this child is beyond defiant, she is an absolute delinquent, and it has been hard for me as a step parent to watch as this child has assaulted me twice, verbally abused both myself, and my wife, she has attacked my wife once, attacked her sister several times, damaged our house, has had more then several brushes with the law, has failed her grades at school, been violent towards my wife and myself, and has refused over the last 4 weeks to come home when told either by us or by the law. I have watched as my wife has sat and cried because she can't seem to understand why her own daughter has so much hatred for her that she treats her this badly or for that matter acts this way. Heck as a matter of fact I can't seem to understand it either. We have a nice home, she has her own room, we have a nice pool out back, and on top of it she has a good mother who loves her to death and yet she chooses to act like an animal. Sir I have seen may things in my life, but I have never seen anyone who abuses her mother as badly as this child does with hers. It totally disgusts me to no end. I know that what yuop are saying is that you can try and build the last 10% of the bridge to help make things better, but what can you do when you have a child who is hell bent on totally destroying her own life over what smoking dope, and riding four wheelers all day. To me that is not life that is just plain stupid if you ask me. I truly don't know if this child can be saved, she seems to think that she has it all figured out. Her plan is to drop out of school at 16, move out of our home, maybe get a job, smoke dope all day, and ride four wheelers all day that is her plan. So now I'm coming to you, and I'm asking you what do we do here? How do we make her see that she is making a big mistake? She that needs to see that getting a high school education is important in this chaotic society that we live in? And that her plan is just plain stupid.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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