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17 year old daughter explodes anytime she is asked to do anything around the house...

17 year old daughter explodes anytime she is asked to do anything around the house. Lies about where she goes. Will only associate with Hispanic youth. Is a natural blonde with blue eyes, but dyes her hair dark brown and insists on purchasing all ethnic snacks and drinks, her myspace/facbook profile, she lists herself as Hispanic. She uses a online translation to post what she writes in Spanish. She recently got a tattoo from an individual's house. There was not much we could do about it, she was grounded for a week and told not to do it again and if she did, we would report the person who gave her the tattoo. 8 weeks later, she came home, she had been drinking and the same person gave her another tattoo. We have revoked her driving privileges (she drove home after she had been drinking), we took her cell phone and limited her internet use. After one week, I told her she could get her phone back and her internet privileges only after she gives me the name and address of the person that gave her the tattoo. We suspect that that person is illegally in the US. She chose to go without her phone and internet.

She will be 18 July 29th. She insists that on that day she will leave home. She has no discipline with her money, cannot manage her time, set priorities, she doesn't have a job, refuses to do anything around the house without being told, does not pick up after herself, leaves dirty clothes strung out on the floor of both her bedroom and bathroom, even lets the trash over flow in the bathroom and leaves it on the floor for someone else to pick up (actually she and her younger sister do this). She openly in front of both her mom and dad will tell mom that she hates her. She has unprotected sex and says she doesn't know why she does it, she doesn't have a steady boyfriend and she will not bring her friends to our house. She will argue with her younger sister over the smallest of things. Her older sister has cerebral palsy, she just ignores her. She is constantly blaming me (her mother) for everything that goes wrong for her. For her teeth getting crooked, even though she does not wear her retainer, it is my fault for not paying to have her wisdom teeth pulled. She refuses to take the optometrists advice on the proper way to wear contacts and she says it is my fault she has blurred vision, I don't do enough to get her what she needs. (She has glasses, just won't wear them, they are the same RX as her contacts) We have had money problems lately and are trying to recover from dad's hours being cut and mom's wages being reduced. (Fortunately we still have our jobs) She was recently fired from her job for what appeared to be a misunderstanding, but her friend that works with her told me it probably had more to do with her attitude. We attend church regularly as a family, in the past 2 years she refuses to engage with the youth, or participate in the things she says she enjoys like choir, getting her there is one thing, having he pay attention once she is there is another.

My Out-of-Control Daughter

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