I feel like I hate her...

I have a 17 year old daughter who just doesn't care. About anything, nor anyone. The ONLY person she wants anything to do with is her "boyfriend". She will be 18 this year and has already said she is moving out and will never see me again. I do believe this to be true. I am completely at my wits end with her. She is the most disrespectful, non-caring person I have ever met.

Screaming matches and threats is all our relationship is any more. Whenever we are together I get to the point with her that before we separate, I find myself breaking down and screaming at the top of my lungs, cursing at her, and putting her down. Then I feel like crap for doing it.

She absolutely hates me and my husband. And honestly, I am to the point that sometimes I feel like I hate her. She has no friends she hangs around outside of school. She will NOT speak to me now, will not take $$ I leave her for lunch at school. Wants nothing to me with me at all now. And just cannot wait until she's 18 to tell me to go to hell and leave me forever. This has been going on for over a year.

My Out-of-Control Daughter

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