I have spoiled him and indulged him...

I have a 19 year old son who is currently in jail for several counts of burglary to a vehicle. He will turn 20 years old in May. He was arrested in December and we have left him there for 3 months so that he would hopefully learn his lesson. We will be getting him out of jail in the next week. He will still have some court hearings to finish everything up.

I have spoiled him and indulged him because I am no longer married to his father but my current husband has raised him since he was 3. They butt heads because I have spoiled my son because of guilt. When he gets out we want to keep him on a strict curfew with really only letting him out to go to work. We are afraid that he will go back out and do the same thing. We are desparate and don't want to fight with him everytime he doesn't agree with the rules. Prior to going to jail he was living with a cousin and had no supervision and was able to run the streets and because of this I am afraid that the rules are going to be very difficult to enforce. Please help me.

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My Out-of-Control Teen

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